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where we’ve been fabricating steel since 1966. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, and after 50 years in business, our customers have come to expect the quality that comes standard with every order placed at B&B.

We offer project detailing, material procurement, fabrication, and shipping services.

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B&B combines cutting-edge tooling with timeless experience


Our shop boasts 50,000 square feet of working space. Located on a secured, 10 acre site, the work area is carefully designed for efficient movement of material from start to finish.


Our shop houses an automated angle & flat bar processing line, a PythonX CNC plasma beam line, a real-time barcoded production tracking system, 2 combi-lifts, 2 overhead cranes, a jib boom lift at each workstation, and delivery trucks.


Our CNC equipment increases production capacity, produces highly-accurate parts, and decreases project length. CNC data is generated from our in-house detailing department or received electronically from outside detailers.


With several trucks and full time drivers on staff, B&B offers delivery upon estimate. We can stagger delivery so you get what you need, when you need it.


B&B maintains strict safety guidelines, administers safety training, and holds regularly-scheduled safety meetings to heighten safety awareness.


B&B is managed by a highly qualified and experienced team, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years. These individuals work together to provide our customers with quality workmanship.


B&B has delivered fabricated steel for a diverse set of construction projects



B&B Fabricators began in 1966 as B&B Welding, a field welding and repair business located in Ballard, Washington. We became incorporated on September 29th, 1966. For many years we met increased customer demand by leasing additional space at multiple locations. Then, in 1997, we purchased a 10 acre manufacturing site at our present location in Arlington, Washington. We developed a 50,000 square foot facility and moved all operations to the new location in April of 1999.

The new facility dramatically increased B&B’s capacity. We now have space for coating systems, high volume machinery, and the opportunity to benefit from the railroad spur adjacent to our property. These give us an advantage over many of our competitors.


In 2002, B&B adopted a management style that emphasizes a strong team approach. Stemming from the company’s foundational entrepreneurial practice, the new organizational methods enabled increased productivity and expansion. In 2008, B&B further improved management by combining the estimating and project management functions. These are now performed by the same individual, ensuring continuity and excellent communication throughout the life of your project.

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